How would you like to get around the streets of Subiaco, Shenton Park and all the way to Kings Park on a replica of a quaint original 1899 tram?  Well jump on board “Ruby The Tram” anywhere along the route for a fun ride… and it’s FREE!  Ruby leaves Subiaco train station every hour on the hour from 9am to 4pm each day from Tuesday to Saturday.  That’s eight trips per day.

The Subiaco tram is made possible by the generous support of many Subiaco business owners and is a community initiative.  The service is completely free and run by friendly volunteer drivers and helpers. Ruby was commissioned to be built around 25 years ago to operate a tour service from Subiaco along Hay St to Perth. Local businesswoman Niki Peinke reintroduced the tram to Subiaco as a way of bringing more people into the suburb and providing a unique feature to encourage people to visit. It has been 60 years since the last tram rolled around Subi.  In October 2018 Ruby The Tram service began and the Subiaco tram was back again!

To board the tram, just hail Ruby with a wave anywhere along the route. She will be happy to stop for you. If you take children then they love to wave down the tram!  When you are ready to alight then just ring the bell (the kids love that too!).  So it’s like a hop on/hop off bus service but since there are no set stops, you can choose where to get on and get off. Ruby stops in famous Kings Park close to the Old Tea Pavilion (on the corner of Fraser Avenue and Kattidj Close) around quarter past the hour.  If you do the entire 1 hour trip you will pass through the leafy, historic suburbs of Subiaco and Shenton Park in a very unusual style of transport from yesteryear.

Feel welcome to take a coffee on the tram, but there are multiple stops and some of them can be more sudden then others.  If you are careful (best have a lid on your cup!) then what nicer way to enjoy a coffee break while watching the world go by in an open 1899 tram. Ruby is not wheel chair or walking aid friendly, but pushchairs are fine to bring onboard if there is room.  You can stop at a variety of shops and cafes along the way, Ivy Watson and Lake Jualbup playgrounds, the Subiaco library and of course the war memorial, botanical gardens and the stunning views in Kings Park. Make your stay at Dowler Apartments Subiaco a little more memorable by including a trip on Ruby The Tram.

The route includes Roberts Rd, Hay St, Rokeby Rd, Bagot Rd, Kings Park Rd, Fraser Ave, Nicholson Rd, Onslow Rd, Derby Rd, Hensman and Hamersley Rd.  There is a 5 – 10 minute stop at the Subiaco train station and then off she goes for another round. Here is the route:

Here is a link to the website for more info:

Ruby is always looking for volunteers so if you would like to help then see their website.